Profile: Boston Consulting provides policy, planning and engagement services to advance sustainability with a focus on community energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation. The consultancy serves local governments and organizations with broad community development interests including municipal associations, senior government departments, transit authorities, utilities, real estate developers, and non-profits. Boston Consulting has the experience to create a climate and build the energy for better communities:

  • Local to Global Perspective:

    Extensive experience in neighbourhood, community and regional scale community energy and climate action with a deep understanding of local and senior government authority and opportunity, as well as international climate policy.

  • Systems Thinking:

    Strong capacity to craft policies and plans that systemically advance resonant community priorities such as affordability, community economic development, congestion management, seniors housing, infrastructure deficit management.

  • Cross Sectoral + Interdisciplinary Knowledge:

    Solid appreciation of traditional sectors – buildings, transportation, waste, local energy supply – complemented by a keen awareness of the interplay with land use, urban design, development, demography, local economics, and common, complex community concerns.

  • Incisive Engagement + Decision Making:

    Methodical decision making and meaningful engagement approaches craft solutions with strong buy in from internal and external stakeholders.

  • Pragmatic + Innovative Approach:

    Focused on the ultimate finish line and each strategic step to get us there, optimizing for the best solutions inside and outside the box to address your community’s unique needs.

Principal: Alex Boston is the founder of Boston Consulting. His strengths are in public policy, qualitative and quantitative analysis, engagement, strategic planning and capacity building. He has 15 years of experience.

  • Broad + Deep Interdisciplinary Knowledge:

    Alex understands energy and emission management across classic community sectors – buildings, energy supply, transportation and waste. His passion, nevertheless, is land use – the foundation of community energy dynamics and dominant sphere of local government influence. He has advised cities on adaptation and provided policy guidance at provincial and neighbourhood-scales on sea level rise flood management.

  • Local to Global Experience:

    Alex’s dedication to community climate action is backed by a history of provincial, federal and international climate policy analysis. This telescopic appreciation supports informed counsel to diverse organizations and multi-level governance advising –an imperative for sustained climate action.

  • Award Winning Track Record:

    Alex has led multiple award-winning community energy and climate projects, and helped numerous communities shape policies and actions that are being implemented on the ground, cutting GHGs, reducing vulnerability to climate change, and building better communities.

  • Professional Depth:

    Prior to establishing Boston Consulting, Alex was Senior Planner directing community climate and energy at a series of planning and design boutiques that merged with global engineering consultancy Golder Associates. Alex’s team was a pioneer in community carbon and energy modelling and mapping. He served the David Suzuki Foundation as senior climate policy analyst and earned his MSc at Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

  • Engagement Excellence:

    Alex is dedicated to helping demystify and deliver on well-defined objectives. His engagement and decision-making experience helps high-level decision makers, internal and external stakeholders, and the public advance classic and cutting edge solutions.