West Vancouver: Community Energy + Emissions Plan

Client: District of West Vancouver

Project: Better Climate, Better Community: Community Energy + Emissions Plan

Boston Consulting supported a citizen task force and interdepartmental team to develop a deep reduction agenda that advances core community priorities. Modeling and mapping, scenario analysis and triple bottom line analysis shaped priorities and facilitated discourse and decision making. Major thrusts are village activation and suburban revitalization with an emphasis on diversifying housing options for empty nesters and solo seniors: specifically suites and stratas in single detached homes to double GHG performance and high performance missing middle housing such as row and townhouses, and wood mid-rise. While a small share overall, the Plan illustrates the immense GHG reduction potential of concerted organic diversion. The Plan’s business case quantifies transportation and infrastructure savings, forest (carbon) protection and public health gains. An implementation strategy and continuous improvement framework along with interim community wide and sectoral targets will facilitate steady progress.

Year: 2014-2016